Proposal for improving regionals

While the district model is likely to be the future of qualifying for worlds in much of North America, the fact remains that some areas have too few teams to justify creating a district in the near to mid future. On the other hand, some regionals like Istanbul and those in China and Australia serve as the only qualification opportunity for a majority of European, Asian, and Oceania teams. With this in mind, it makes sense to improve the regional system by incorporating some aspects of districts while not including geographic restrictions on which teams can attend each regional. At each regional, teams would accumulate points similar to district points, except that they would not carry over to subsequent events. At the end of the season before the Southern World Championship, non-district teams that attended at least one regional would be ranked in a worldwide district based on their adjusted points earned, which would be calculated by dividing total points earned by number of regionals attended then adding any rookie points. Based on the advancement map for that year (example), teams would then be divided in that worldwide ranking by their team’s location on the map, not the location of the regional(s) they attended. The final number of teams advancing to each championship based on the rankings would be determined by taking the number of conventional district qualified teams and subtracting it from the respective world championship’s team limit. Teams that won a regional, were the captain of the finalist alliance, a wildcard, or won Chairman’s, EI, or Rookie All Star would qualify automatically for their assigned Championship. If successful, this would help address the issues with the regional model compared to the district model by more closely linking team advancement to team performance.

AKA we should use the Everywhere Else District (Universal Points system). There are some minor differences from what you have described but you basically have the summary of it (Districts don’t automatically advance all those qualifiers you mentioned, instead most of those teams are virtually guaranteed a slot because of the number of District ranking points they would receive).

Please FIRST? This comes up every year from us Regional teams.