Proposal: Loosen up "spread some reputation around" system

Two parts to this:

  1. I just recently attempted to give positive reputation to a user, and was hit with the “spread” message. Looking through my history, I noticed that I had indeed given them reputation - negative reputation, some time ago. Why should this prevent me from giving the opposite kind?

  2. I don’t give out reputation that often, so I sometimes see this message when the last time I repped the user was over a year ago, having given maybe 10-20 since then. This seems a little bit over-sensitive to me… some users have a high density of high-quality posts, or controversial posts, and unless the system is being abused, it seems more annoying than anything else.

You need to give reputation to 10 different people before you can have a repeat. This limitation has been in effect for over a decade to reduce the impact of “rep wars”, where friends spam each other to inflate their dots.

I know that, I’m making suggestions to modify that:

  1. Don’t count different types of reputation as “repeats”
  2. Add a time component, if it’s been more than a year it’s probably not spam

And it’s definitely more than 10, the guy I just tried and failed to give rep to has 14 between him and now.

Send them a PM.