Proposed Rep-Rules Change

Hey Guys,
I had an idea the other day, and after talking to a few people (Brandon included) I thought I’d float it here, and see what everyone thinks…

Is anyone else sick of the “*You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Joe Schmoe again.” *message?

I’m a big fan of the new reputation system. (Its virtues are listed numerous places, so I won’t reiterate here.) My only major problems with the current system, are the rules limiting rep.

  1. If I give rep to another user, I then need to give rep to 14 other users before I can re-rep the orignal.
  2. I can only rep 47 times per day (24 hour period).

What does this accomplish?
Well… It forces people to spread out the rep among many users, while limiting the amount they can give to any one user, and also limiting the max amount they can give… Waa-hoo.

What is the big problem with this?
When I see a great post, I want to give it rep. Sometimes, this means I need to go back through and find 14 other “great” posts first. I can see the reason behind this… but… cmon. There has to be a better way.

My Idea:

  1. Max 47 reps per day.
  2. Max 2 reps per user per day.

This system accomplishes everything that the old system does. (except, it doesn’t FORCE people to spread rep, they have to choose to do it). It also is much looser, allowing for a user to read a post, and say “Wow… Andy is on the ball… Positive Rep for him!” without having to worry about the last time Andy got some props.

So, assuming Brandon finds 48 hours in a day, and thinks this is feasible…

So, what do you guys think?


I really like this suggestion because that is true in so many ways.

I gave up on giving out Reputation because I am lazy and dont like spreading it around to others.

However, I fear a system like this could be opposed somehow. Then again it would take more effort than it really is necessary.

I think this is a great idea. One thing that I think is happening in the system in place now is that people find a great post, but they can’t add to the poster’s reputation because of the limit. So instead of looking for 14 other “great” posts, as John said, they just give out reputation points for mediocre posts until they can add to the good poster’s reputation, which obviously defeats the purpose of the reputation system. This proposed system has got my vote because it solves this problem, while still not allowing someone to go crazy giving reputation points to the same person.

I did lower it from 14 to 5 the other day, but I do agree with this idea …

Before I change it, I’ll give it till tomorrow afternoon for someone to argue against it and convince me otherwise.

um… not really sure what the “best” values are…

but i can tell you that I have on a number of occasions had to find a bunch of other people to give rep. points to so that i could give the person who’s really good post i read a rep. pt.

I would have to say that limiting it to two per user per day seems a bit low tho. IF someone ever did want to a group of ppl together to spam the system, i could see how i’d easy.

Having to give it to 5 other people sounds good.