Pros and cons of elevator

Hi guys! I am wondering about the pros and cons of the elevator design. What do you find about this design if you had used it in the past and why did you choose it? Thanks a lot!

So, this is a very vague question. I guess my response would be: “As opposed to what?”

There are some clever alternatives to elevators out there for various games. Taking 2018 as an example, you have team 33’s double reversing four bar linkage, you have 2481’s flipping, telescoping arm and several other alternatives. Each has their pro’s and cons. I would say that if you are lifting something vertically, elevators are a very space efficient way to do this (it does not take up as much room on the robot as other alternatives). But elevators are limited in their reach and to extend their reach you need to add additional stages which adds complexity.

Because of 2018 and 2019’s games, elevators have been very popular and many teams have had a couple of years to refine their designs. So, at this point, many teams are able to design and build an elevator fairly easily so it is a low risk proposition.

I’m not sure if this is the answer you are looking for. If you were looking for something more specific, please re-phrase your question.

I would add 2 pros to the elevator: since it only moves straight up and down, it is easier to consistently line it up with targets that are at different height (rocket). Depends on the year’s game, but a few teams integrated a climber into their elevator very well. One major con I think is powering it. Having to do chain or strap runs is more complicated than simply putting a motor on an arm.

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I would read this blog post from 148 two years ago.

and watch the video


Pro: Elevators can go up.
Con: They have to come back down again.


This is the answer I’m looking for. Thank you ^^

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