Prototype Electrical Testing Box

My team, and one member in particular, Ryan Oldham, has been working on this portable electrical testing box for the purpose of speeding up our prototyping. Previously, we just carried an old robot frame and unplugged our motors but this year we switched to this. The box closes fully and is waterproof, as well as dust proof. We actually took it outside in the rain today and tested our flywheel prototype with no problems. The idea is you open it up, plug in a battery and your motors, then you’re ready to go. Thoughts?

P.S. That duct tape is for wire management because we don’t want to drill into the box, it’s not insulating.

Sounds like a very useful idea! Although, instead of duct tape, maybe zip tie mounts ?

That looks like a great idea. Is there space to include the battery with a proper bracket?

VHB tape might be better than the duct tape

Mounting a battery using only tape as an adehsive, even VHB? About the only way I’d trust it is if you built a framework that pushed against all four sides of the box (preferably all six when closed).[/quote]