Prototype of Goal

I am trying to find the inner dimensions of the front of Goal, for prototyping purposes. The dimensions I have are somewhat estimated:
width = a little less than 4 feet
ground to bottom of goal = 5 and 1/8 inch
bottom of goal to top = between 28 7/8 in and 29 3/8 in

I got all of these through using the field documents GE-10034 (rear ramp), GE-10035 (large side), GE-10036 (small side), and GE-10061 (goal, assembly). Please let me know if you find any more definitive inner dimensions.

From the GE-10061 (Goal, Assembly) drawing, it looks like item 6 (GE-10031 - Goal Frame, Left) spans the width between the uprights at each side of the goal. GE-10031-01 (Square Tube) is the rail member and its dimension is shown as 48.75 inches.

I’m not sure what you mean by the bottom of the goal, but GE-10033 (Goal Front Ramp Assembly) shows 7 1/4" for GE-10033-02, Front Ramp Inner Support, plus 1/2" thickness of GE-10033-01 (Front Ramp Platform) for a front ramp height of about 7 3/4".

As for goal height, FE-00001 (Drivers Station Support) shows the connector shaft centered 35 7/8" off the floor. Subtract half the height of the 1 3/4" square tube (7/8") and the front ramp height (7 3/4"), and you get 27 1/4".