Prototype Robot Complete

Hey everyone!

Team 3313 Mechatronics has been hard at work the first 2 weeks of Build Season. We actually completed our prototype robot! We’ve even started to program it to do autonomous.

There are a few things we need to fix of course. But we are very proud of our progress so far. Competition Robot build will begin this week!

Please check out this YouTube playlist and see what we have been up to.

Any questions or comments, let us know! We are always looking for advice.

Also, while you’re at it, check out our Twitter account @Team3313. We post daily with team updates and just random resources.

We sincerely hope everyone’s build season is going well!

Well done!
Simple effective robot that contribute to any alliance they are on. I can’t even begin to talk about how much practice time you will have driving that thing!

In autonomous, if you are in front of your auto line, then you can only start with 2 frisbees.
Do you have any intent to add a floor load and/or higher hang?
Good luck this season.

Very cool! Definitely a solid contender. Now practice, tweak, break, fix and practice some more!

You are correct on the 2 frisbees. We misread G06. Luckily, we have awesome commentors on our YouTube videos! :slight_smile: We will adjust to the back of the pyramid and have 3 frisbees.

We talked about a floor load or higher hang initially but could not come up with any ideas for either of those systems. We have to wait a couple day on our Competition Robot parts to arrive (Purchase Orders are slow) so we will continue to brain storm those ideas and hopefully add those on.

Looks like a solid contender in teleop! Congrats!

No, It looks like a solid contender in general. Something like this with three weeks of driver practice will be phenomenal. Keep up the good work!

Also, Try to get an auto that shoots for the 3 point goal but is sitting off to one side of the pyrimid. Freeing up the center of the pyrimid is very valuable because often your other alliance members will require the “easiest” place on the field to set up (the center of the pyrimid).

Looks great!
Regards, Bryan

This robot is pretty sick.

I suppose what I mean is, nation-wide, it won’t be the best autonomous or best climbing robot. But with enough effort/practice, the team could definitely be **the **best teleop disc scoring team. That’s what will differentiate this team from the other ‘3 auto disc + low climb’ teams, and give them an edge against a team that does more than they do in autonomous and/or climbing.

Plus they have plenty of time to add vision, range/orientation sensing, or whatever else will help them maximize their teleop disc scoring capabilities. If the prototype is kept fully intact, they’ll have all the way up to their first competition to perfect this type of programming since the production bot is the one that’s bagged.

I really think the GDC came up with a well-balanced game (on paper) this year.

I am simultaneously disappointed and relieved that we aren’t competing at the same regional.

Looks like we’ll have to settle for that RCA practice event! Will you guys be joining us at our week zero event? I can’t wait to see the finished bot!

Great job!

I have two questions that I just want to make sure you have thought of (It seems you probably have)

How well does your feeder work when you have bumpers between you and the wall? You might need something to fill the gap.

What are your overall frame dimensions? I know it’s a prototype, but it feels a tad big to me.

Keep up the awesome work! I wish we were already driving around.

Solid bot!

Now what are you planning to do?

The bucket hopper is deceptively good at indexing frisbees. Great creative thinking.

I want to give a big thank you to 3313 for these videos they are putting out there. They’re entertaining, they’re informative, and it’s inspiring to see a good working robot this early on (from students, not just Robot in 3 Days, which was also awesome). Your frisbee indexer has come up in our meetings and has a good chance of being shamelessly reapplied on our robot.

If 21 previous years are anything to go off of, that robot is probably a 1st round pick if not an alliance captain. And that’s only after 2 weeks!

Curious - that’s not a Bimba cylinder I see. What make/model is it, and am I correct in seeing that it has multiple positions, not necessarily just two?
Brilliant idea on the [strike]5gal bucket[/strike] ramp and aluminum. What’s the fastest speed you can load frisbees into your system and not drop any?
Also a pretty slick hanging mechanism - I like how it’s integrated seamlessly into the rest of the robot.
Final question - are you still running 2wd? If so then might I suggest that you look into adding the other two CIMs?

Thanks for your questions!!

We tested with bumpers. Video evidence is being uploaded now. Will PM you when finished.

You caught us!! (Are you a wizard?) Hahah. Anyway, our prototype robot is a tad wider than it should be (~ 2"). It will be rectified on our final robot. We just didn’t worry when making the prototype. Thank you for making sure!!

Yes, we were using a 3 way solenoid valve. Not sure on legality of that so we subbed out a 2 way solenoid valve and tried that. It still worked.

We have not tested the speed with which we can enter frisbees. Will test that tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!!

We have a Technical College across the parking lot from our high school (so lucky!!! We know…). That cylinder is from their program. We ordered a similar cylinder from Bimba for our final robot. It’s a little skinny but with the same stroke.

We are running 2wd. Each Cimple Box has 2 CIMs in it (so 4 total on DT).

Thank you so much for your questions and advice!!

I just went to Lowe’s and bought two 5 gallon buckets.

Steal from the best, invent the rest. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great idea! Good luck and huge congrats on getting a prototype robot done in such short time!


Love this! Can’t wait to play with you guys.

If the new cylinder doesn’t have enough force you can easily add Constant Force Springs to assist it.