"Prototype This" on Discovery Channel

Caught this announcement over on Practical Machinist:

“Tormach on the Discovery Channel:
On October 15 the Discovery Channel will roll out a new show called Prototype This! The show is created by the same production company that brought you Mythbusters. Prototype This! is essentially a reality show, but with a solid basis in engineering, science, prototyping, and of course machining. The cast is a group of creative, if slightly eccentric, engineers, scientists, designers, and shop people. The scenario is that with each show they think up a totally new invention, design it, prototype it, and test it. Of course, like all eccentric inventors, engineers, and shop people, they needed a CNC mill and they selected the Tormach® PCNC 1100 as their tool of choice.”

It’s 10 P.M. Eastern time.

i saw some youtube clips there good i like the fact that everything does not end with a boom like mythbusters

i saw part of this show, I have mixed feelings on it. The idea is a good one but I think that the show will end up like “Patent Benders” from last year. It will only last as long as they can keep ideas coming, the soul of every show.

Here is a link to the show http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/prototype-this/prototype-this.html

You can walk through the studio and see their machine shop, their design room running SolidWorks and even view the complete show from this week. Also, you can submit your own ideas to prototype.

Have fun. Marie

If they have good ideas to prototype, then I think the show will be successful. However, the topic of the pilot show was pretty impractical, thus not a very good episode (it was still well-executed, however).

i like the fact that everything does not end with a boom like mythbusters

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, you don’t like explosions?

I was expecting something different. I got bored after about 20 minutes and did something else. “Junkyard Wars” was more practical than the pilot of this show.

I saw this show, and it just seamed like another show victim to formula writing. Even though this show was a reality and nothing was scripted out (supposedly). I’m sorry to say, but I think the whole idea of finding a problem, coming up with a solution then actually implementing it has died out. Mythbusters on the other hand will continue strong for a while and I say that because they aren’t just finding a problem, they are proving something that we are sometimes faced with every day.

yeah i saw it too i felt like they were spending insane amounts of $$$$ and that the hole road rage thing could never make it to market

I felt the show was interesting but was lacking in the real science of how things worked. For example, that cheesy animation was used time and time again, you know, where the guy gets ticked and the car goes into that off the road area. I hated that. It was when they got back from commercials and just before they went to commercials. (Lease it seemed that way)

The show could be a really cool show if they bring more science into it. I would probably watch it more. The thing I like about Mythbusters (other than explosions) is that they do tend to explain a lot of the science behind things. And Junkyard Wars was fascinating because it required ingenuity. This show does seem to spend a lot of money on NOTHING. Actually I remarked to another mentor on our team that I would like to have their budget, or half their budget, every couple years.

Cool show though, will definitely be watching it again.

Considering the fact that similar products all ready exist and are being sold it is not impractical.
Yeah… The product you think is impractical Nissan came up with all ready. A five minute search to find this:

See above. In fact from what I’ve seen everything you see on this show is going to be variations of actually real world prototypes and products.
Another edit:
I have to say for a bunch of engineers you guys aren’t that creative.

This show does seem to spend a lot of money on NOTHING. Actually I remarked to another mentor on our team that I would like to have their budget, or half their budget, every couple years.

You could bust almost every single Mythbusters myth with pen and paper but you know what would happen. It would be more boring than watching grass grow.

You are correct, for entertainment money does have to be spent. But I felt that this show spent more than was needed. I always thought that engineering was getting the most out of as little as possible. Not to pick on Prototype This but they didn’t need to make 4 cars, 1 would of worked. 2 I guess would of been justified. But then why make the identical? More useful would of been to make the cars all using different types of sensors and see which worked best.

Im merely remarking on how big a waste of money it all is. I like the show, and will continue watching it but I will always feel that the money could be spent more effectively.

Also, I would LOVE if Mythbusters focused a little more on the math. Yes they do deal with a lot of it but Im a geek and sort of like math.

Who let Andy Baker loose on these guys?

Of course I am referring to the fork truck…

Proto Type This show is awesome. Anyone catch the boxing robots? Great show.

Ha, very cool. Never seen it though.

If i’m not mistaken, wasn’t Airtrax the original inspiration for Royal Assault’s first mecanum wheels?

I seem to remember that Royal Assault (FRC 357) worked with Airtrax to develop their set.

Saw it, Enjoyed it, Going to recommend it to the VRC team I coach.

i don’t want to sound mean by you guys really need to search before you start a new thread