Proudest Moment

So what was your proudest moment(s) this season?

I will post mine later …

My proudest moment (so far) was our local scrimmage when we capped a goal right after a team worked hard to get 6 on top of a side goal and when we capped we owned the row winning 41-19. Scrimmage overall was awesome, another time the other team didn’t have a tetra all the way on, so using gracious professionalism we knocked it back on with our tetra and then capped on top of it. I have had fun being the president so far and we have had a great time during the build season and our team worked fluently together alot better this year as opposed to last year when egos clashed and many fights distracted our team from building. This year we cut down the time in the shop by at least 25%.

Watching our robot cap a vision tetra.

After spending many a day doing nothing but cursing the CMUCam…

It was the last Sunday before ship, and we were trying to finish up the code on the camera. We had finally gotten access to our new camera mount and needed to make sure all the code still worked the way it did on the old one. We put the vision tetra in location 1 and waited to see what it returned. Completely wrong. We found that the angle was being flipped, so we fixed that and tried again. Completely wrong. We had our X and Ys flipped somewhere else. We tried again. Tetra One! We moved it to location 2. Tetra Two! 3: Three! 4: Four!

Yea, getting the CMUCam working was something alright.

i’ve had 2 equally proud moments
our claw opening and closing
and the programming working :stuck_out_tongue:

Watching our spirit team practice after hours new cheers for the regional night after night and seeing many otehr kids staying late working on the robot, programming and PAW room based activities. It’s great to see the kids take ownership of the team.

my proudest moments were when we won the 2003 Buckeye Regional as a rookie , 2004 Buckeye Regional and Newton Champs also 3rd in world in 2004. can’t wait till 05, it starts in 4 days!

Testing my limits using a pot on our final robot. Nothing very complex, but after all my endless hours of programming for the camera we never did get to actually test it because I was too busy to consider where to mount it! Thats going to be a task for thursday at our regional. But yeah watching my limits working perfectly the first time I tested them was pretty cool. Especially because I designed our entire superstructure and arm, and did about 2/3 of the work on them and they worked also. Its times like those that make all the stress and whatnot worth it.

… when the student built robot started running around and started capping goals. I couldn’t just believe my eyes and think that I actually worked on that robot for the past 6 weeks and it does what it’s suppose to do.

After 3 hours of mauling over why the CMU cam doesn’t work, finally realizing the back up battery wasn’t plugged in.

:slight_smile: bust seriously though…

My proudest moment has got to be finishing the electronics board in time enough to give time for more than 2 hours of autonomous testing and debugging.

Watching the arm pick a vision tetra up the first time.
Oh man the elegance with which it picked it up. And the speed. And the finesse. (This was autonomous btw, programmed by muah).

Remembering it still makes me smile :slight_smile:

I’d have to say winning the Arizona reginal with teams 555 and 1492 (I think) it was fun winning a reginal my first year ^_^!!! but to the other teams who lost, good games guys and we’ll see whoever goes to Vegas.

                                             Zachary Panigot of team 1324

When our team got our first regional victory, especially because it’s the first ever robot that was mostly built by the students. (had 1 part that the mentors tooks control of without students)

Also proved my point high school students are smarter and better than engineers. (in 2003 and 2004 our robots were almost completely mentor built, and they finished close to last everywhere we went)

My proudest moment so far this season…
It is a hard call to make MOE has been very fortunate this year with being #1 seed at Pittsburgh and winning awards and such.

I have to say that the #1 proudest moment so far this year was listing to the 2004 Philadelphia regional Woodie Flowers winner ( Joe Perrito 365) announce the 2005 winner, Lou Rosanio 365!! I along with many other students worked on his essay. We are all extremely lucky to be able to work with someone who is so dedicated to the FIRST and the FLL program. Watching Joe’s face as he read the pre made speech they gave him and then hearing him announce his friend and team mates name was one of the top 2 experiences of my 3 years in FIRST, My number one experience ever was watching Joe Perrito win Woodie Flowers…

I am sure there will be more to come, but i don’t know many things that can top a mentor getting recognized for there hard work and dedication to FIRST.

My proudest moment this season was at the regional when not one thing broke on the robot. After spending the entirety of last years time between matches with a robot that could not function it was a big deal for us.

Proudest Moment this season has got to be the Chesapeake regional, with that being my last competition and my team coming home in the top 5 and an award in hand. For all of the seniors including myself that might not get a chance to return next year it is nice to know the team is heading in the right direction, and will continue on passing on the gift it has given to me, the since of pride in seeing something you have worked on for weeks come together and do exactly what you meant it to do.

Driving a Finalist robot at GLR :slight_smile: It was really exciting being only a rookie also (I had no clue what was going on half the time, lol). I have various times I was proud like capping over a high stacked goal, or flawlessly capping the center goal, etc.

Our proudest moments(as far as I’m concerned) would have to be when we were selected for the finals at the Chesapeake Regional, and when our team helped our alliance win during the second round of the quarter finals. We gave another team a bump to help them get out of a goal they were stuck in, and we pushed a tetra on that wasn’t quite on, which I think broke a row.

-watching my team having the ability to cap in auto mode especially since it was at our first competition

-learning how to tap using the milling machine for me was a top event

-winning the judges award @ UCF…finally some of the things i’ve pushed for chairmans finally fell through

-watching our sister team, Swampthing win UCF…one of my fav. memories of this season…great job ya guys!! so proud of you guys!!

Wooden Thunder is kind of short. Even though it was designed and built to score three tetras on the center goal, our little guy was intended to be fast, nimble, and a prolific capper of the short goals. We figured that the 15-foot bots would duke it out on the center goal and we would score all the others.

My proudest moments, strangely, are the two times we capped the center goal in a competition. Once we over-capped a tetra from the other alliance on the center goal. It was like watching an 8th-grader dunk over Shaq.

(For what it’s worth, except for the three rounds when our arm had been disabled by a programmer [aarg!] sticking his [aargh!] hands in the electrics, our strategy worked fine. We usually scored 3-5 tetras per round, and went 5-2 in our non-crippled rounds. If we hadn’t – I am not making this up – had five different driving teams we probably would have done better.)