PS2 Controllers

hey guys,
last year i saw couple of teams using PS2 comtrollers to control their robot. Last year, i was not really into programming, so i didn’t pay much attention, but this year i would like to now how can i help my team with that. Please guide me with this. Thanks


I found this using the search, I’m not sure if their method is competition legal, but it’s a starting point.

The method mentioned above is using an unmodified PS2 controller. I have seen some teams modify the controller so it works.

When it was originally built the unmodified version was not legal for two main reasons:

  1. it needed to have a 9 volt battery to power the circuit board. Our Geek Team is working to power it off the OI

  2. the circuit board could technically considered a computer (which would be against the rules) Again Geek Team is is trying to get clarification on that from FIRST.

thanks for the help. My “geeks” are workin on it too.
I’ll post any progress about it. Thanks again.