PS3 problems

so i just bought a 60gb backwards compatible ps3 off ebay, knowing that it wouldn’t read blue ray disks ($180 used vs $400 new, not to mention i can play ps2 games still)

i’ve been messing around with all the settings, and i took it apart to clean the lens. i know that my problem is the hardware, but is it the drive itself or the control board attached to the drive? the ps3 recognizes that there is a disc in the drive, but will not load the ps3 games or blue ray movies (dvd and ps2 games work just fine–now i need to be pried away from .hack//!)

and no, i do not want to send it in. i am an EET, and i’m not paying sony $150 to do this for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve yet to toy with PS3’s, but can you reload the original firmware onto it? Potential problem fix I think.

Will they let you after you’ve opened it? I didn’t think most places let you.

You mean you don’t wear that “I void warranties” t-shirt everywhere? :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt it can be sent in after that unless you buy more of the “warranty void” stickers. And yes, they can be bought online. :smiley:

i know. and

If it’ll read CD/DVD discs, but not Blu-Ray, it may be that the laser is improperly focused. The PS2’s disc drive had a mechanical adjustment that moved the lens up and down, but be warned that playing with such a thing might mean you’ll make it so it can’t read any discs at all. :slight_smile:

Does that apply to the PS3 disc drive?

The Blu-Ray laser is separate from the normal disc laser, so that’s where I’d start.

I sent my nephews ps3 in after opening it, all they (sony) said was make sure there’s nothing missing (screws) otherwise they’ll suspect tampering and cost even more to repair.

I’m pretty sure at this point as old as the ps3 currently is the mfr warranty is already expired.