PS4 Controller query

What steps are necessary to make a default PS4 remote competition allowed?
Is it possible to use a base one without any modifications?

Coming from someone who doesn’t play many video games, and has never owned a Playstation… can you elaborate on what you mean by “default PS4 remote” and “base one”

As a brief thought experiment, could you state why you believe it may not be “competition allowed” in its COTS form?

Firstly, thanks for the quick response.

Our control team recently bought a standard off the shelf controller and wondered if any steps are necessary, such as specific software or such

All I see is that you need to be tethered to the driver station since wireless controllers are not allowed.

OK, thanks!!!

Okay, so purely an informational query, got it.

I’m always a fan of (rtfm) and trying things yourself, because it’s REALLY hard to learn things if you’re just told what to do (ask me how I know… :wink:).

Having said that, there’s a few sides to consider. First is the rules, aka “is it allowed at all?” And the answer is a resounding yes, so long as it doesn’t use wireless communications (and doesn’t violate whatever other rules I’m not thinking of at 2:30am). Second is how to make it work with the DS. For that, I’ll direct you toward the instructions it came with (I assume), Google, the CD search bar, and I’m sure there’s at least a blurb about it somewhere in the WPILib docs pages (hint: windows likely won’t recognize it automatically, so you’ll have to install something). Third is how to make it work with the robot code, which again I’ll direct you toward the WPILib docs (hint: there’s a PS4Controller class you can use, assuming your team uses Java/C++)

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