PSA: Don't use your Limelight as First contact point!

We found out the hard way while running autonomous is calibrations that the limelight does not do very well when it is the point of contact into a vice connected to a table.!

We have actually attempted to boot the damaged limelight. We can reach its Web page, but there’s no data available on it whatsoever. It is using the led’s to flash an code, but we don’t know how to interpret the code. One long Flash followed by 3 short flashes. Any idea what that means?


There goes my ideas for load bearing limelights :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you have a spare Limelight to use, or was that your only one? 299 is no longer using ours on account of SVR being canceled, so if you would like to borrow it I’d be happy to deliver it, just send me a PM.


Can your team afford a new one to replace this one?

It appears that the front side hit the vise. If that is the case, it is possible that the circuit boards got bent violently. This often causes microscopic cracks in the copper conductors. They can cause erratic behaviour. The cracks on the outer layers can be repaired, if you can find them. It is virtually impossible to find or repair the cracks on the inner layers.

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Thanks for the offer @Andrew_L ! No, we have a spare and we ordered a replacement. Hopefully @R.C can hand deliver it at CVR.


Nah, basically it’s toast.
We tried to recover it, but it’s No Bueno. It has earned its place on our Wall of Shame.


Sorry to hear that. Are you going to put a protective cover over it?

I saw several teams at Channelview where their Limelight would also be the “First Contact Point”. There was also one team where their main breaker and radio would have qualified. :grimacing:

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lol, we had a similar fate although not to this extent the limelight is the highest point on our robot and our robot actuates using AIRcylinders to go under the control panel and our driver never actuated it and tried to get under the control panel not good for the ole limlight .

After not being chosen to an alliance in our competition (ISR1), we lent our Limelight to a team that was chosen and broke their Limelight by doing this. Thankfully they handled our Limelight with better care…

We all need something to smile about now that the season is done. Our limelight was mounted with a 3D printed bracket. In this match Auton begins and a perfectly placed rebound on a bounce out destroys the mount. Watch the little black thing at the front of our thrower/turret.

Hopefully you can smile a bit! We all learn! (Hopefully)



This is how I feel whenever we have one of those teachable moments:
You live and learn. At any rate, you live.
~Douglas Adams

While I cringe at your pain, I laugh because most of us have been there.

3 perfectly aimed rebounds :joy:

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The Wall of Shame! It’s nice to know that other teams have one of these.

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