PSA for teams at SBPLI1 & 2 (GPS device found on trailer)

Just want to put a PSA out there for the teams at LI1/2, when packing up our trailer we found a GPS device attached to the tongue of it that was not placed there by our team. We took pictures, removed the SIM card and disposed of the device on site, any teams that left their trailers on site should probably do a full search for similar devices.


Whoa. Very curious what such a device looks like. Can you post pics?

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It’s a device designed to track cars, trucks, trailers etc,

it was in this magnetic case

Wow… So I’m really curious who would leave a nice magnetic case and semi-expensive(nvm it’s like $30 on Amazon) GPS on random trailers. Do you think the main goal was to track/steal the trailer? And do you think your teams trailer was specifically targeted?

Looks like these can be had for about $25 on Amazon. I’d guess somebody was planning to steal the trailer when it was full.

I would have been tempted to leave the GPS where it was and have the cops waiting for the scumbags to show up at the trailer.

I can’t exactly guess what the goal was or who it was, but I’ve heard of similar things happening before :frowning:

My dad also liked the case and kept it!


At least some good is coming out of this! But have you filed a police report? They could also try to track the owner of the SIM card but if the intent was criminal it’s probably prepaid with cash so not really easy to trace. Maybe if this happened to more trailers they could get more sim cards for a better sample size?


We’re in the process of filing a report and contacting campus security, as unlikely as it is I’ll post any updates here if something comes of it.


You might also want to let your FIRST “Program Delivery Partner” know and maybe FIRST HQ so they could send a direct email to the mentors from the events in the area!


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