PSA: Programmers on Mac should deploy tethered through the other port on the radio

We spent hours trying to deploy over USB and direct ethernet to the robot, to no avail. Plugging Ethernet into the radio solved all our problems, as the radio acts like a DHCP server.

USB uses a special networking setup that is hard to get working on non-Windows platforms (the NI drivers do some special things). I got it working on Linux once but it hasn’t been worth the time spent to try to keep it working.

Direct Ethernet should work in one of these combos:

  • Rio set to DHCP, computer set to DHCP. Should negotiate a link-local address, and Macs have mDNS (Bonjour) installed so the roborio-X-team.local name should resolve to the right link-local address. Not always as reliable as the next combo, as it needs both link local negotiation and mDNS to work. For example, Linux machines often turn off link local by default.
  • Rio set to static (e.g. 10.TE.AM.2), computer set to a different static on the same subnet (e.g. 10.TE.AM.5). If .2 is used as the Rio address, this will work regardless of mDNS working and so is the most robust configuration, but requires manually setting IPs.

Other combinations (e.g. Rio static, computer DHCP) will not work with a direct Ethernet connection.


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