PSA: Report Offseason FMS bugs, please!

Hi all. I am writing today to plead to you. Please report bugs with Offseason FMS (FMS Lite) and everything else for that matter. This past weekend, I saw the nasty e-stop bug first hand and trust me, it is not fun. This is certainly not the first time this problem has happened - many others I spoke with were aware of the problem

Here’s the problem, though. Someone I spoke to at FIRST was largely unaware of this problem. Why, you might ask, is a well known problem with software not known by the developer of that software? Because nobody reported it.

We now reported the bug using FIRST’s TeamForge site. However, going forward, please please please report bugs you encounter. This goes for Offseason FMS but really it should go for any issues you encounter. Problems simply will not get investigated if they are not reported.

View/report Offseason FMS bugs
View/create Offseason FMS suggestions

I thank you. FIRST thanks you. Your community thanks you.


P.S. I know it is not the easiest thing in the world to post to TeamForge. Unfortunately, that’s the system we’re working with. I promise you can do it.

So, that specific bug has actually been seen since about 2017. I would have to dig up the wireshark logs from Beach Blitz 2017, but its actually not an issue on the FMS side. It was noticed with Chezy Champs in addition to the official offseason FMS. The wireshark logs did show that the FMS was always sending the correct packets, and at some point the DS would actually be the one to initiate the E-Stop. It’s caused by something in the offseason control mode in the DS, but it was never figured out what was actually causing the issue, since its very difficult to reproduce.

This is actually the reason chezy champs and chezy arena has real estop buttons now, as this issue doesn’t occur in official season mode, which needs separate e stop buttons.


@Thad_House Either way, it’s a bug in FIRST-supplied software. It’s unpredictable, and has the capability to screw up offseason events. Twice at Blast it showed up in F1. It could theoretically show up in an F3. There’s no known workaround when it hits so the robot sits there for a match.

And FIRST can’t fix what they don’t know about. A workaround would be 100% acceptable, but there isn’t one available.


@jaredhk as long as the bug doesn’t hurt anyone, would it be considered a NMIR?


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