PSA: RobotPy 2020 upgrade notes

Hopefully this will help you as you upgrade to RobotPy 2020:


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Thank you for this. Do you recommend calling the super constructor every time we inherit from wpilib, or only when we create child classes?

We are not using the command framework, and are currently using timed robot, so things are a bit more straightforward for us. However, we are getting into more advanced autonomous routines this year so we may go with a different framework as we progress.

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Anytime you inherit from a RobotPy pybind object (for simplicity, you can assume they all are), and you have an __init__ function of your own, you must call the super __init__ otherwise bad things will eventually happen.

However, if you don’t have your own __init__, there is no need to add one, as python will call the base automatically.

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I’ve updated the notes with specific examples regarding inheritance.

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