PSA: Safety is our Top Priority

I am posting this due to an alarming trend that I have been noticing in a lot of teaser/prototype/concept videos. This trend is an overall lack of safety especially people not wearing safety goggles in these videos. I have posted this individually in certain video threads but I felt making this announcement it’s own thread was in order.

While I have been enjoying all the videos from teams posting concepts, prototypes etc, it is frankly very worrying how many of these videos show people not following safety protocols. Here is a quick run downs of the things that have been shown in these videos that teams need to take note of:

  • Safety rules are not limited to power tools, but all “powered” objects, robots, prototypes, free standing motors, etc.
  • Any body interacting with a powered object needs to follow safety rules, period.
  • Powered is not limited to electrical power, surgical tubing catapults and slingshots are “powered” as is anything else that moves and can cause injury
  • Safety Glasses need to be worn by everyone around a powered object, not just the person using it.
  • Long sleeves need to be rolled up or not worn around powered object ( I know its winter for everyone not in Florida but 3 minutes of slightly cold arms is better thank 3 hours in a hospital)
  • Long Hair needs to be tied back, and tucked away from moving objects.
  • The area around powered objects needs to be kept clean and free of clutter
  • If someone is interacting with a powered object and is not in control of it, voice cues need to be used to warn of danger (If someone is loading the boulder into a shooter and are not the ones in charge of engaging the shooter, the loader either needs to confirm they are clear, or the shooter controller needs to announce they are firing with a countdown)

Those are just the ones off the top of my head. I know this may seem preachy or nit picky but with how many teams have been sharing things with safety rules not being followed, especially by the adults and mentors who should be setting the example, I am scared of what other unsafe actions might be happening that aren’t being shared.

So teams please remember Safety needs to be everyone’s top priority, not just the Safety Captain or mentors. So if you see anyone being unsafe please help rectify the situation either by addressing it yourself or informing a mentor or team leader to let them handle it.

That being said I hope everyone continues to have a safe, and productive season. ::safety::