PSA: Volunteer Registration is OPEN for 2023!

Hey, Chief!

I’ve only seen this tangentially mentioned in other posts, so want to be sure there’s a dedicated post for visibility. Volunteer Registration for 2023 FRC events is NOW OPEN!

Here’s how to register:

  1. Visit the FIRST website

  2. Click the “Log In” link in the upper right hand corner of the page and log in (new volunteers will need to register for an account)

  3. Click the “My Dashboard” link at the top right of the page

  4. Select “Event Volunteering”

  5. Click “FIRST Robotics Competition” and apply any other filters to find events (I personally recommend searching for the Orange County Regional :slight_smile:)

  6. Complete the volunteer form

  7. You’ll receive an “application received” message.

  8. You may be prompted to complete or renew your Youth Protection Program Screening (all volunteers over 18 need to complete this their first time and every three years)

Make your VCs lives easier and apply early, especially to those key roles! If you are interested in trying a new key role, reach out to your local VC and/or PDP now to discuss as nomination deadlines approach quickly.

Whether you’re sporting a “25 Years” volunteer pin or have never volunteered before, now is the perfect time to try. Last year, we saw an influx of mentors from teams applying to be Robot Inspectors, realizing they could commit to that while still being with their team during quals and playoffs. Let’s keep that trend going!

And FIRST Alumni – now’s your time to shine. And just in case you needed proof that Alumni volunteers make events go round:

Sign up today!


Wait a second…



That’s me after I perform my RI duties :slight_smile:

Applied for my events including the championship and got my first assignment at South Florida as lead queuer.


Applied for MC/GA at MVR, Rocket City, and champs! :crossed_fingers:

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Oh my god, it’s Ryan Neal :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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