Psat & Nmsqt

I was wondering what scores people had to get on the PSAT to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. I understand it could be different every year but it usually is roughly the same.

I am averaging 210+ pts overall … how many should I be shooting for?

I’m pretty sure I had friends that were at 210 that qualified. 200 didn’t. 215 definately did. Sorry if this didn’t clarify very much, but 210 was generally accepted at my school as pretty close to the qualifying score.

I think I qualified with a 208 for the 2003 NMSC competition.

The score changes for each state…

I have a 220 and in florida the cut off is around 214 each year

I rechecked mine… it was 215… dunno where I got 208 from.

I thought I heard 216 somewhere… I have no clue what I got.


Ahh the PSAT…yes my junior year my goal was to stay awake for the test. Nothing else. The night before, my friend Waldo and I went to see Incubus in Indianapolis and got home around 3am and I think I missed qualifying by 30 points or something like that…not bad on an hr and a half of sleep :stuck_out_tongue: