PSoC + Java


I have a question, I will begin to work with PSoC this week because we have ready our robot so I will make the programation for the autonumus mode and I dont know how start to work with PSoC and Java working with NetBeans I read about put a module on Crio but I dont know wich to put and the wires conection to Dashboard.

Please if someone to know how start, how Can I program the wires,etc.

Plese help me
Thank you so much! :yikes: :slight_smile: :confused:

The PSoC is not for the cRio, it is intended for the Driver Station. You can use it for the cRio, but you must understand embedded programming and probably shouldn’t go there with your expertise. To use it for the Driver Station, you plug it in to USB and flash it with the FRC firmware. You must use the FRC firmware for the Driver Station. You can use the breadboard in the kit to connect it, but AndyMark has a nice Cypress Carrier Board that breaks out all of the pins to screw terminals and provides a nice resting place for the Cypress board.

The PSoC is intended to be used as digital/analog IO for the Driver Station, since the Classmate dosen’t provide any.

For beginning programmers, I would recommend LabVIEW as it is easier (especially because asynchronous things like Autonomous are super easy to do).

For Autonomous, one would generally put two quadrature encoders on the robot (one on each drive side), such as the US Digital ones included in the Kit as well as a Yaw gyro, measuring rotation, and then let the WPIlib integrate the gyro and count the encoder clicks. If you need more than two gyros, you have to integrate them yourself, but you probably won’t need more than a single yaw gyro unless you need a pitch gyro for ramp climbing software. Using these three sensors, you can see how far you have gone and how far/fast you are turning, and can compute exactly where you are. The most basic way of programming autonomous would be to either drive or turn or wait, each would be a function with a distance (clicks, degrees, miliseconds) that would be called by an asynchronous function.

If you have gotten all of the Teleop coding, then go on to Autonomous. Do teleop first. Not Autonomous.

When you do get to autonomous, plan it out then write functions for each common move (such as drive straight x distance or turn x degrees).

Modules for the cRio? Where did you hear that?