PSOC Understanding

We are just trying to figure out the pinout to our code and exactly how that works with the PSOC Board. . . After looking at all of my known resources I could not find any examples.

We are looking at hooking up a Potentometer, couple 2 position switches, and couple LEDs.

We hooked up the PSOC board to the classmate and downloaded the FRC_v2.hex file using the PSOC programmer and it shows the green light on the Dashboard of driver mode.

Looking at the pinout of the Cypress PSOC board on I miss where you set if its a digital output or digital input?? Is this set in Windriver? (we are using C++). (I also see the documentation at

Can someone post an example on how to hookup and program an analog, digital output, digital input to PSOC Board.

I THINK. . .
Analog 1 is P0_0 and value can be retrieved from driverstation->GetAnalogIn(1)
Digital Input 1 is P4_4 and value can be retrieved from driverstation->GetDigitalIn(1)
Digital Out = ?!?!?! do you have to designate that digital channel 2 (P4_5) is out somewhere??

I just don’t want to start hooking switches, LEDs, and pots up without knowing the hardware ahead of time :slight_smile:

You can change the pin setting from the Driver Station IO tab.
On the tab click the “Configure…” button (bottom left).
The matching pin identifiers are there, too.

On the popup select Enhanced, choose your pin settings and OK.