PSoC - Where to begin

I dunno if it’s an oversight or I’m missing something but I can’t seem to find a shred of documentation on the PSoC3 that came in our KOP, aside from the useless PDFs on the disk in the box. My understanding is that this thing will allow us to drive LEDs and receive input from switches and potentiometers directly from the classmate dashboard. I take it this is a replacement for the in/out pins on previous years’ DSes. Anyway, I opened up the PSoC programmer and tried to figure out how to download the HEX file supplied on the classmate. Of course, I couldn’t find our PSoC device in the list and I looked through all of the device families. After that, based on the Javadoc I doubt I’ll have any problems sending and receiving data with it. My only question then is how do I wire stuff to it? It has 28 pins on the bottom, two 3.3V and two GND if I recall correctly. Are the rest configurable within the code? What I mean is do I set up some pins as in or out or whatever? Understanding all of this is pretty crucial, as I have two days to build and wire a dashboard control panel for the second driver… Thanks!

Start at

Chapter 2 of the Control System Manual contains the instructions for setting up the Cypress board, in section 11. There is also a Cypress IO Pinout Tables document under the Hardware Documentation heading.

Oh wow. I must’ve completely overlooked that. Thanks!

So I’m trying to wire up some stuff to this psoc but I have the silly problem of the psoc board covering half the breadboard. How are we supposed to acces all the pins on it?

If you’re using the breadboard then you have to run jumper wires out from underneath the blocked side.

Joe Ross posted a sample in this presentation. (It’s on the FIRST Forum and it makes you have an account and login to get to attachments.)

You can also wire wrap your connections or purchase a breakout board sold at AndyMark.