PTC CREO educational license?

For the past few years the installation instructions have included a license code FIRST teams could use. Even though the website says a license is included in the instructions, it’s not.


Anyone know the right code for us to use, or how to get a registration email with a code? I’ve been doing this for years, and it continues to be frustrating.


I believe at 1519 we had to contact PTC support and wait for an answer from them before continuing. We ended up streamlining the process eventually but it never was really simple. I also believe when they did provide a code in the instructions it was invalid. We had a lot of frustrations with PTC CREO and especially Windchill/Licensing stuff.

Sorry for the difficulty in getting licenses going. I’ve asked the PTC Creo experts on the education team what’s going on here, and the installation instructions are going to depend on what licenses you’re looking to use.

If you’re looking to have each student request their own copy of Creo, then they can go to Creo K12 Student Download | PTC. This comes with instructions that includes a product code. This version of Creo isn’t as fully-featured as the license below, but it’s more than enough for most FRC teams.

If you’re looking for a bulk license to use on all of your team’s computers, filling out the form at Schools Premium Standalone License | PTC will then send an email to one of our support engineers. They should send you a product code not long after. This is the more fully-featured of the free Creo offerings.

I hope this helps, and please PM me if you have any issues or questions!


Thanks, Drew. After a few days we did receive product codes which allowed us to install. But, it took days. My biggest request is that PTC allow instant installation so we could update all our computers on a Friday night, and make the instructions easy to find, preferably by pressing an “update” button in our old versions of CREO. Or even better, just let us press “update” and have the process happen automatically, without needing to jump through a million hoops.

The process was easier for a couple years, then they made it hard again this year.

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