PTC Design Competition @ FIRST World Championship
PTC will be sponsoring a CAD Design Competition at the 2013 FIRST World Championship again this year. Stop by the PTC booth in the America’s Center exhibit hall to learn more and get involved.

This year we are challenging all CAD designers to stop by and check out Creo to learn how to create true kinematics models from your existing CAD designs.
Details on the competition are available at

Hope to see you all next week. Good luck at the Championship and good luck if you choose to participate in our competition :]

Congratulations to our Winners!

  1. FTC 4220 Landroids - Gage Farestad
  2. FTC 4140 Fish in the Boat - Colton Mehlhoff
  3. FTC 3539 SayWatt - Chris Vincent

Stop by the FIRST community @ if you’d like to see all the entries and the winning designs. Very impressive this year.