PTC Education Event - Long Beach, CA

Registration for the Education Symposium is Now Open!

Teachers and Mentors - Attend the PTC Education Symposium and Learn How Industry
and Education Can Work Together to Support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)!

The PTC Education Team is holding a one day Education Symposium on June 4, 2008 during the PTC/USER
annual event in Long Beach, California. Attendees will be able to interact and network with industry contacts,
learn more about PTC products (Pro/ENGINEER, Windchill and Mathcad) and hear presentations highlighting the
value of education and industry working together!

**The Proposed Agenda: **

  • General Session/Keynote (all world event attendees)

  • Education Symposium Presentations

    • Hutchinson High School - PTC Education in Minnesota
    • Department of Energy - Real World Design Challenges
    • Federal Aviation Administration - Global Engineering in Aviation
    • Battelle Memorial Institute - Industry & Education
    • Columbus Alternative HS - FIRST Robotics
    • Build-a-Plane - Build-A-Plane Foundation
  • Lunch and PTC Education Student Design Awards

  • PTC Education Success Stories and Program Information

  • Registration for Visit to Learn about Build-A-Plane (June 5)

We will be giving a $1000 award to one attendee! The award will be split as a $500 gift to the attendee
and a $500 scholarship in the attendee’s name to a student within their school, class or district.

For Additional Information and to Register for the Event Please go to:

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