PTC Windchill Communications Tools?

Hi ChiefDelphi community,

My mentor is strongly pushing to use PTC Windchill (he doesn’t know much, if any, about the powers/strong-suits of PTC Windchill) to enable online collaboration (will replace some of our tools such as web forum, blog, calendar and project management)…

I’m really wondering what PTC Windchill actually provides. On the website, there’s a ton of information on how you can collaborate on CAD/CAM/etc files but I can’t find basic info or screen shots on how I can use it to manage communication. Can anyone who’s used it help me identify its features in this regard? (Like, are there forums/discussions, email lists, calendars, and task management/todo list, on Windchill?)

I don’t want to have no central & online team gathering place when season starts because PTC Windchill wasn’t the software that we were looking for…

Thank you,