PTC Windchill Decommissioning

Hello Teams, Just wondering how many teams use Creo and Windchill? Has anyone found a good way to replace Windchill now that it’s being education teams server is being decommissioned?

Well, you’d make at least one.

Most teams are currently moving over to Onshape from Inventor/Confusion360 and Solidworks, especially in schools where students are issued Chromebooks.

Bear in mind, Onshape is also under the PTC umbrella now and is susceptible to a similar rugpull in a few years, regardless of their current and past talking points.

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Well shoot. 118 has been using Creo and GrabCAD Workbench. Guess we’ll just stop using CAD.


It’s been nice to teach the kids Creo and Windchill because it gives them an advantage over other kids for internships in the future. Big companies use big programs like Creo and Windchill.

Solidworks and PDM might be the move if that’s what your team’s/school’s focus is on. There seems to be an upward trend in companies using that combo? I’ve certainly noticed a shift locally.

They’re available to FRC teams (along with some other goodies from Dassault) and don’t seem to be in the habit of rugpulling as much as PTC and Autodesk.

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Change in CAD software is part of life. Learning any software tool is part of your design experience. I first learned MEDUSA in school Loved it. I learned drafting too with pencils. Then I worked for a company with AutoCAD. Then worked for PRIME Computer supporting MEDUSA customers. Computervision bought Prime. PTC bought Computervision.

The great thing about engineering is that you are constantly learning new things.

I can tell you we as DASSAULT SYSTEMES and SOLIDWORKS have made a 5 year commitment to FIRST. SOLIDWORKS is the software behind the FRC field. Andy Mark and other component manufacturers use SOLIDWORKS so we have to be there to support FIRST suppliers. Our customers have made an investment in SOLIDWORKS & Windows PCs.

Our technology offer is also changing. We have 100% cloud design offers for browser devices like MAC & Chromebooks.

But not all teams have internet access. So we need to offer many types of tools.

Technology changes and products retire for many reasons.

We are providing FIRST teams the same tools and technology platform we offer to our largest customers like Boeing and our smallest customers like a start-up cleaning up the ocean.

Learn as much as you can. You are on a FIRST team, you already have a passion for design.


I’m excited to get beaten by a robot designed with post-it notes and toothpicks in 2024!


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