PTO (Power Take Off)

Hey Chief delphi,
For this year season, our team decided to make a PTO that will be used by the drivetrain and the climber!
It’s totally handmade, if you have remarks don’t hesitate!
Team 5553 from France! (2.9 MB)


From what I can see it looks good. Nice work!

Thanks for this positive reply

Looks really clean; love the way you packaged the NEOs in the gearbox.

It looks like when you engage the PTO, you’ll completely lose the ability to drive. Is this fine with your current climbing strategy?

Thanks for the reply and yes, we plan on beeing well placed under the bar when engaging the climber so we won’t need the weels beeing able to move anymore.

I love this! Thank you for sharing.

Please keep us updated on your progress.

I’m especially interested in your material selection and wear. Including material hardness.

again, love it!!

You could use a small separate motor assembly that is used to just drive the climber up, but when actually climbing engage the PTO. There is no change required for the PTO that you have, but that extra motor assembly will allow you to adjust for last minute adjustment before disengaging your drive train. My team in high school used PTOs in 2018 and 2020 where the PTO output shaft had a spool on it. That output shaft was also connected to another motor to just extend the climber.

Other than that, looks very clean and very nice. Best of luck to you all this season.

Thanks, we will machine this in aluminium.

Ok, we’ll take into account your proposition, thanks for this advice.

How is the the build coming? Any updates?

The PTO seems to work very well, our climbing system will use “0 motors”, besause it will use the 4 neo of the two gearboxes, so we’re really happy of being able to save some motors.

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