Public apology to Daniel Eiland

A couple of years ago I was a very public in my displeasure with how the Dow Red Stick Rumble was managed. Well, I have walked the proverbial mile in Daniel’s shoes after this past weekends Beach Bot Battle.

Knowing what I know now, I wish I could just undo those angry posts. Since I can’t do that, I figure this is the best that I can do.

Not only did Panthrobotics come to our event, Daniel was gracious enough to fill in last minute to be our MC (doing an outstanding job), then they stayed late to help us break down the field.

Daniel and Panthrobotics are a class act! Thank you Daniel! I’m sorry for any discomfort that I caused you.

We all engage our mouths before engaging our brains sometimes. To come along later, admit it, and apologize is admirable.

Well done.

I hope this means that 364 will be returning to Red Stick Rumble this year! I certainly will be looking forward to that, and having another opportunity to play with your team again this season.

P.S, You guys did a fantastic job running beach bot battle, and handled the situation of the field very well, even though the field arrived with no bolts or other fastening methods, and lacked crucial hardware like the pegs on top of the airship to place the gears on.


First of all - the Battle was a blast to watch and MC. My team had a great time and the event ran so smoothly from the match schedule to the volunteer food (tasty indeed).

Secondly, thank you for the apology. I’m as guilty as anyone else for being public in my criticism but one thing that I have enjoyed is learning more about you and your team since that time. Very few teams (and coaches) are willing to put in the effort that you and your team do. I’ve seen consistent growth from your team both on and off the field and watching them work this event was inspiring.

Thank you for hosting and we can’t wait to see y’all at the Rumble again.


If you know me and my posts here I sometimes act before I think and say stupid stuff. Sucking up what you’ve said in the face of people you respect telling you how you screwed up and calling you on it is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do around here.

I applaud your apology - it takes guts to do so publically.