Public Funding for FIRST

So after many discusssion amongst team leaders here, we have only come up with 3 ways to really try to get public funding for FIRST teams (or atleast new teams)

  1. Inviting Gov. and other State Lawmakers to the Tournment we are holding here to show him how FIRST can affect communities, especially those like the north country. There are very few opportunities in the community in which we participate in FIRST. But with the teams we have started (Both Lego and Vex) it will help establish FIRST in the community and lead to new FRC teams as well. With this we hope to inspire more students to go to college and stay there (since there are a significant amount of students from the north country who don’t attend college or drop out because they are not motivated)
  2. Inviting the Gov. and other State Lawmakers to both of the regionals we will be attending. This would help show him how much of an impact it has on everyone who participates in FIRST. What better place to help show them what students learn than taking them to a competition?
  3. And possibly we could quickly speak with him about potential state funding for new teams. I know i have heard of states that do have Public funding.

If you helped bring public funding to your state can you help me by letting me know how you did this? who did you reach out to first? What were your key points to hit when expressing why there should be funding?