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A couple of alumni and myself have been thinking about making a scouting website for any team to collect data from their phone and access live data from their phones to plan out strategies for upcoming matches. Our goal would be to make scouting simpler and more accessible to teams who don’t have the resources to make a custom scouting app.

The main priorities of the website would be an easy to use GUI, having user accounts linked to teams, and downloading both the users team’s data and the data that every team has collected.

We are looking for suggestions of features to add to the website and seeing how much interest there is from teams in using this.



Hello, I am a branch captain of my team and I’ve been thinking with our scout captain regarding similar issues. I personally is very interested in your ideas, but I have to question…a lot…srry

  1. “How will you bypass/resolve the issue with no WiFi-usage in arena area?”
  2. “Will each team have their own ‘folders’ or all information will just be inputted by register users and have organization issues?”
  3. "How are you basing your calculations or are you just making the info public to everyone and they are on their own regarding ‘evaluation of teams’?
  4. “What if scouting inputs from teams differ? Will that be a problem?”
  5. “Is it free?”
  6. “Will there be video submissions like how Blue Alliance does it?”
  7. “Are you planning on making a simple algorithm on sorting teams like having a ‘sort by’ button, it runs through that year’s data and only show robots by say ‘passive auto’ or ‘active auto’?”
  8. “What if a team makes a huge modification on their robot? Say remove their shooter to reduce weight for quicker climbing?”
  9. “Will you include several picture slots for teams to submit ‘front, back. side, top, angled views’ on a robot?”
  10. "How fast will this website be done in? Will there be little to no changes to the website(like Blue Alliance) or are you modify for each year’s game(Like paper scouting sheets)?


I’d have to say the killer feature would be CSV export so that teams who wish to do custom analysis on the data are able to.

There’s a large number of other difficulties, good luck.


Wheter or not my team will use this, I do think it can help a lot to teams in the community.

Some features I recommend to consider:

  • Integrate with TBA/FIRST API for event information.
  • Choose between exporting only data your team uploaded and data from all teams.
  • Making a generic scouting paper, but an option to make your own query for exporting/analyzing the data. (or if you don’t want to go so deep so export a CSV of the raw scouting data).
  • When exporting an analysis of specific team data, to have the option to choose between make the analysis on all the events or just for one of them.
  • Adding a pit scouting sheet.


3138 has something similar to this. I’ve never checked it out other than looking at their website but you may be able to get some ideas from it.


This is an idea I’ve toyed around the past couple of years while (in 2016) creating a (mentor-coded) mobile app for our team and (in 2017) leading a mobile app development subteam to develop a (mentor-and-student-coded) mobile app for our team.

Because we developed our app using Ionic, converting it to a web site wouldn’t be a huge lift.

Time allowing, I’d enjoy being a part of this project, whether or not it uses any content from our mobile app. (For more background information on the app, you can also look at the web site for the 2016 version of the app.)

  1. Not really much of a bypass but we plan on making the website lightweight and mobile friendly so that members can use cell data for it.
  2. Yes we will allow teams to download data collected by their team only as well as data collected by all teams.
  3. Everyone will be on their own in evaluating teams. There are just too many ways to evaluate teams for us to appease every team.
  4. No, right now we are planning on using the most common data first and then if there are more than one we will take the average of the common data.
  5. Yes.
  6. No TBA has that covered.
  7. We will have a downloadable CSV file for teams to do that on their own.
  8. Massive changes to robots will have to be kept track of by teams, for now*.
  9. No, we will have just one photo, for now*.
  10. We will have a proof of concept up(alpha) before kickoff, and a working app by the end of week 6. There will be little changes over this season as the season progresses, but I cannot speak to the long-term changes that might happen.

A couple other notes:
Here is the github for the project:
The domain will be
We plan on focusing on the match scouting this year, then focusing on pit scouting next year.


My team 4207, developed a scouting system on our website for our team last year (wondered about doing what you are planning on doing by making it public but wanted to at least develop it more in-house first - basically you have more guts than I do). My plan had also been to make it friendly for mobile so people could use their phones and data plans. It worked fine on a phone but what we also ended up doing was making the page capable of offline data storage. That way we could also have kids using iPads without data plans and without being tethered all day still scouting. Open the page once while on a network to grab the week’s team and match data then they could use it for scouting all day without still being on a network or using data. Then whenever back on a wifi network or tethered to a phone - (usually mine at lunch or end of day) save the data back to the website. Drawback is that we didn’t have all the scouting data available as quickly but it was still useable later.


I’ve built something very similar, but in Android app form. The app works offline, exports data as a powerful Excel workbook (which can be imported into Google Sheets), supports fully customizable pit and match scouting templates, integrates with The Blue Alliance, looks really sexy IMO, and a bunch more.

Here’s the Play Store link to try it out:
And the GitHub:


I built a web based scouting app a few years ago and we have been using it every year. We submit match data using cellular data and have a SQL database to collect it all. We haven’t had any problems with not having connection at tournaments, even with 1x service, we were able to submit data.

Last season, we collaborated with a handful of other teams and all submitted our data with the same app. It worked really well because we could just have them login to the system and provide their team number and we would know who scouted each match. We were also able to export to CSV so if the teams wanted to do some other analysis of the data, they could.

If people are interested in building more functionality to the system, I would totally be down. Currently, it supports login via Oauth2 from Slack but we could add sign in with other platforms like Google really easily. It also has a stand-alone login system and the ability to pull match data from TBA and autofill team #s for the scouts. It would need some other upgrades in order to work at multiple events at the same time but most of the framework is there.

Unfortunately, I wrote everything in PHP. So it’s a bit yuck. The code is on the Team 1306 GitHub (make sure to switch branches to release/5.0.0). If people are interested in making this system available to anyone that wants to use it, let me know. I can make some changes and add some documentation to make it more usable.


We are experimenting this year and trying to move away from excel for scouting and use tablets. I think many would find this useful. csv file and customized attributes would be a must.


As @KosmicKaos said team 3138, Innovators Robotics, has a very well done scouting website. It is very similar to the idea your describing. Their website FIRES is very well done. I have been to two competitions with FIRES and it has been very helpful. It includes lots of data like the path of the robots, when they scored points, etc. If you want to make a good website I would look/model it after theirs.


A number of teams in New England are collaborating on this. it was started last year with team 4909 and this year a few more have joined

We have been working to get the problems of no wifi etc worked out, but still able to collaborate with a large number of people and teams


A couple of guys on my team made a scouting site for last years challenge and they would host it as a bluetooth network so we could all access it through bluetooth instead of internet. I’ll post the link here in case you want to see it and i’ll try to get them in on this discussion.


Although based in NE, TGA has grown rapidly. For the upcoming season, The Green Alliance has expanded internationally between FIM, CHS, MAR, PNW, and a few other regional teams as well.

We’ve been able to tackle most hardware stacks that teams already have, whether it be phones/tablets/laptops, as shown on our GitHub.


Hey, developer for ScoutingFRC here! For those wondering, we’re using Google Firebase for our auth, database, and hosting; and AngularJS + Angular Material for the frontend and UI.

If you guys have more specific questions/comments, let me know! I’m still figuring out ChiefDelphi, so my apologies if I take forever to reply to you!


We’ll look in to custom fields for scouting, but our site does have the ability to download the data into a CSV! Let us know if you’d like to talk more about finding a scouting solution

Reid from ScoutingFRC


Innovators Robotics (FRC #3138) has been building FIRES, a real time web-based scouting suite of applications for several years. This is open to any team that wishes to use it. The 2017 season saw over 80 teams at 19 competitions scouting over 600 unique teams. Currently we are on about a 130% adoption growth year over year.

We are one of the few scouting systems that track what happened (picking up, placing, climbing, etc.), the time it took to do something (how many seconds a climb took), and a location on the field that something happened.

The whole suite includes Pit Scouting (with pictures), Match scouting, Dashboard (multiple Tableau visualizations embedded into the app), PickList assistant, and Admin functionality. We also utilize the vast amount of data available from the FIRST API (like some match data, match schedule, etc.).

We are currently in development of the 2018 version but much is already functional at this point.

Please check us out at


Is there an actual data file (Excel, CSV, etc) somewhere of all registered teams? I see the events pages on the FRC website with teams listed, but parsing the team info from those lists are a pain.


Here are all teams currently registered for 2018 events. Did you want inactive teams as well?

active_teams.csv (21 KB)