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A few suggestions for some of the concerns by PrimeHourglass. If you write the client code in Javascript, you can “cache” your data into LocalStorage and then, when internet is available, upload it to your server. This works even for limited data throughput if you cache your data right. We (FRC 1983 - Skunk Works) are coming up with a public version of our app and we hope to have users “signup” to use our system and this will set aside their own database unless they opt to make their data “public” and share it. This could also be altered so two teams of limited resources could combine their efforts and operate as one team. Unfortunately, it will be a designated app with pre-determined metrics and database fields. We’ve set aside funds to expand the database and usage to accommodate large amounts of data which will make all resources free to the user. The database will have to somehow be available for Tableau access so teams can do their own analysis and a Tableau Public version for teams with limited Tableau experience can avail themselves of canned analysis. I hope muffinofsteel has thought this through.