Public Version Control Repository

Hey CD,

Is there any demand in the community for a code respository/version control system that any team could access. Our team is contemplating setting one up, but first we need to guage the demand/issues with setting up anything on that scale in the first place.


I have a few half-finished designs that I’d like to hand over to the community. This sort of thing might be a good launch point. ((Any one want to clean up some PIC code for a battery monitoring board?))

I bought the domain “” a while ago * My plan was to offer free svn hosting through my at the time internship’s racks of servers. The internship has since dissolved, and all I have left is the domain name.
EDIT: It looks like I may have a taker!

It is currently attached to our Dreamhost account. If anybody has the resources to create such a system, i will gladly give them the domain.

In the mean time, if anybody ABSOLUTELY NEEDS a svn repository for this year, I would happily make one for you. (though I can not offer this to more then 10 or so teams)…

Ours is currently located at*

A few teams have been using Google Code to host their SVNs. It’s completely free, and is a fully functional SVN repository for your teams use.

The only caveat is that your code will be made publicly available for download, and that you must publish your code under one of many different open source licensing agreements.

If you really desperately needed, Team 2502 is willing to host your code.