Pull data out of Case Statement

Hi everyone, I have a question about the case statements in the supplied Labview Application:

Lets say I wanted to put more than 1 data on a graph, for example, PWM01 and PWM08. Does anyone know how I can pull data from different Case Statements and put them together on a graph without causing an error?

I’m by no means a labview expert, but here is how I got this to work last year.

In one case, I created a simple numeric display of the first variable. Then, in the second case, I created a local variable (Programming -> Structures> Local Variable) that referenced the numberic display in the other case. I’ve attached a picture of what I did.

I also used the concepts from this example VI for displaying multiple items on a graph: Labview dashboard and multiple variables - NI LabVIEW - Chief Delphi

I hope this helps.



Thank you for the suggestion of using local variables. It’s working for me, thanks!