Pulley System Gear Reduction Question

We are a little stuck looking for a part…

For our shooter our drive motors are not going fast enough and thus we need to change the gear ratio. We are driving the 8" pneumatic wheels with the pulley system provided in the KOP. Would anyone out there know where to purchase bigger and smaller belt gear? We have looked on AndyMark some but wondering if there is a better source or a link we can go to.



Each team can get additional Gates sprockets and belts for free. There is a voucher in the kit of parts that tells you how.

When used with toothed belts, those round things are called sprockets not pulleys. FYI only.

Pulley is the term used by Gates and suppliers. We buy 5mm GT2 pulleys from SDP-SI (http://sdp-si.com/). Just make sure the item is in stock… or else you may not see it until June.

What are you using for motors/transmissions?

Using a CIM direct drive our shooter works fine.
It also works using a 775/18 motor with CIM-u-lator transmission.

In fact, it shot better going a little slower.

We are using 8" AM pneumatic wheels.