Pulley System Questions

If this question has been posted before I am sorry. I just wanted to check the legality of the Ri3D pulley system shown here(https://goo.gl/eCvJhc).
If not the whole pulley system is legal, what parts are? Thank you!

Which part of the system are you worried about? This is the Q and A answer to the velcro part of the system, which is a clarification of the rules that many teams have asked about.

As long as your system doesn’t extend outside of the frame perimeter, there’s no reason that it can’t move or extend inside the robot. Otherwise, this pulley system is just a ratcheting shaft connected to a motor. Very legal.

Pulley? There’s no pulleys in that system. If you’re referring to the climber, the velcro rulings make it pretty legal, so long as you avoid velcros backed with plastic or adhesive.