Pulleys and Belts

So my team has been using the HTD pulleys and belts from Vexpro, which are fine for simply transferring rotation from spot to spot, but Vexpro really limits what you can do in terms of reduction from just belting because the smallest pulley they offer is 18t, and still quite large.

I was wondering what other teams use for reduction belting for things like shooters, pivots, etc. Ive seen numerous pictures where teams stick a small pulley (looks like roughly 10-12t) right onto the shaft of a 775pro, and hook it up to a pulley (probably around 36-40t) on the flywheel shaft, thus not even requiring a reduction gearbox. From my guess it looks like GT2 Timing Belt, but im not sure.

So in a nutshell, currently the way we design with belt is using a 775pro or Bag motor connected to a Versaplanetary, then belt. But my goal is to find out a type a pulley (GT2 or other) so that we can use small pulleys on the shaft of the motor to skip the entire gearbox and streamline our design.

Also to note, our team is in Oakville Ontario, Canada, so half the battle is finding suppliers for different options.

Any help is appreciated!

A good example is The Poofs shooter this year:

Is this what you are looking for?


West Coast Products has introduced a wide selection of pulleys and belts over the last couple of years. They have 12t pinions which nicely pressfit onto the shafts of 775,550 and BAG motors as well as 24,36,48 and 60t pulleys for combining reduction and power transfer( a reduction between 2-5:1 is perfect for most high speed tasks when coupled with a 775pro). Also got a big selection of belts as well.


well that’s two votes for WCP lol

Alright ill look into WCP, thanks!

I will add to the WCP tally.

We also source from SDP-SI to provide some additional design approaches. We usually ream/broach bores for motors and shaft work.