Updated my pulleys files at

Now there are inventor pulley generators for HTD5 HTD3 and GT2.
Select the “master” file - save it in a different name go and edit the parameters (like # of teeth, belt width etc and hit save. Then you can add some mount and print it



When I open this in Inventor it creates a derived part which I cant edit any of the parameters. Any advice?

Inventor works like this if you have an older version. Most of the ones are 2023. If you open a 2023 with 2022 or 2021 etc it creates a derived part. If you open a 2022 part with 2023 it immediatly converts it to 2023. They do that I think to discurage using older versions. Inventor kinda demands you always use the most recent version

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That makes sense. Don’t know that I have ever tried to open a file created in a newer version and edit it. Thanks. That is it we are running 2022

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