Pulling camtran Data?

I know that camtran is an array that gets exported, but I have no idea how to actually pull its values, or even really the array itself. Any advice? We code in C++, the code I’m currently using is below:

double Limelight::GetTargetAngle() {
   return limelight_table -> GetNumber("camtran[4]", 0.0);

If it’s an array in NetworkTables, you need to use GetNumberArray instead of GetNumber. This returns a std::vector<double>.

double Limelight::GetTargetAngle()
    std::vector<double> cameraTransform = limelight_table->GetNumberArray("camtran",std::vector<double>());
    return cameraTransform[4];

Be a little careful with that, you should check the cameraTransform.size() first to make sure it’s at least 5 elements.

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