PUlling Goals

How hard is it to manuever the goals b/c a the kick it seemed kinda hard o keep the casters gong in one direction with out spinning the goal.:confused:

All the casters should all go in the same direction as long as the surface is even. To me it seemed simple to push and pull a goal. It all depends. All I have to say is to do some testing!

from my experice with pulling the goals, they normally go the direction you want as long as you put enough force into them. so far my team has broken numerous wood mock ups from them snapping while pulling the goals. if you’re having caster problems, i’d check and see how well you casters move and roll… you may be just using bum casters.

Kinda late to chime in, but the biggest problem is trying to pull casters in the direction they point to: You have to pull the caster around, sliding the wheel into its turn (friction); you have to push the wheel sideways, which makes the pulled object want to move sideways (pushing the casters which haven’t turned or which are about to turn, sideways =friction]); then, past perpendicular to direction of pull, you have to do it all in the opposite sense, in reverse order. Only once all the casters have “castered” can you get the lower friction of the wheel / axle system.

The type used on the goal has the vertical “axle” in the plane of the wheel, and is much more difficult to turn under load than to pull.

One year, we used a front-drive robot with rear casters, that was geared to run too fast - every second time we changed direction, the breaker opened due to the caster-turn load.