Pulse XE - pin orientation for LCD?

Does anyone here have a Pulse XE that you can look at real quick to tell me a connector orientation?

Mine just arrived and the 4-pin header attached to the LCD control screen fell off in shipping. I can’t tell which wire colors should go on which header pins.

Wire colors:
Blue - Green - White - Yellow

Silkscreen labels:


(I’ve also emailed Matterhackers, their Support autoreply says they have a 2-3 day turnaround right now, so if someone has a couple min to snap a photo that’s great - otherwise I’m sure they’ll get back to me soon…)

I also couldn’t find a PulseXE forum or wiki in ~10 min of Googling, but if one exists I’ll happily go look there instead! I was just picking up a bunch of review websites…

EDIT: Duckduckgo delivers where Google failed. @mpirringer looks like you have one, can you tell me your connector orientation or is it safe to just try it one way and then the other?

IDK what version you have but they usually come with a VIKI display. So pick your version from this


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