Pulses Per Revolution Encoder Rates

We calculated the range for our encoder’s pulses per revolution (828r/m, 840r/m). We are not sure if these are considered “normal” or not. If you have any examples or knowledge of these kinds of readings, we would appreciate any help.

Those don’t sound like normal encoder readings, unless you have gearing between the motor and the encoder. What encoders are you using and where is it mounted?

We are using the RevRobotics through bore hex shaft encoder. It is mounted on a 1/2 inch axle.

It is part of our shooter and we need the encoder in order to figure how much energy we are losing when firing the ball.

What do you mean by r/m? The easy way to do this is by doing the math with the data from the specifications. The encoder has 8192 counts per revolution, so if you have it mounted directly on the shooter shaft you will get 8192 “native units” per rotation. How you need to incorporate this information into your code depends on the motor controller you use and how your encoder is connected. Could you give us that information?

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