Punch a robot

Can i build a rather comedic punching arm (possibly equipped with a boxing glove) to push the robots?

I don’t know. Can you? I know I can.

Read the rules. Then read them again. The answer is in there. That’s all I’ll say.

Deliberate or damaging contact with an opponent ROBOT on or inside its FRAME PERIMETER is not allowed.


Also: the blue box below G28:

A ROBOT with an element outside its FRAME PERIMETER may be penalized under this rule if it appears they are using that element to purposefully contact another ROBOT inside its FRAME PERIMETER. Regardless of intent, a ROBOT with an element outside its FRAME PERIMETER that causes damage to another ROBOT inside of its FRAME PERIMETER will be penalized.

So, what I draw from this is that you can hit their bumpers, and that’s about it. Once it hits them inside the bumper (therefore their robot perimeter) it’s a foul.
So technically you could, but I don’t see what hitting their bumpers would do to your advantage.

Remember gracious professionalism

That would be legal, as long as you hit the outside of their bumpers. The bumpers are outside the frame perimeter.

If they have a cannon barrel sticking outside the frame perimeter, feel free to. However, don’t cry when your team doesn’t get any awards because that is against GP. I still don’t get why you’d think like that! That is just dumb, and your team would be known as the: Stay away from this team if you don’t want your robot broke!

I cant find the video on it, but in 2008 team 20 had a sub frame o our robot that was essentially a boxing glove that punched the ball on the overpass. (My Idea, never thought it would ACTUALLY come to fruition) We didnt use it much, mainly as a second robot for a exhibition tournament we hosted and a couple qualifying matches in the Finger lakes Regional. Its all but forgotten on our team, as our four bar ball lifter was (and I agree with this) a much better option of the two. Still, fun to say that we had a punching robot

Last year our team attached a boxing glove to a 24" pneumatic piston in order to block FCS’s. The boxing glove was kind of a joke but it worked pretty well in offseason.

If I were attempting this I would use these instead of boxing gloves:

Not that I would be attempting this…