Punching Holes

Can someone please tell me how to make thse type of holes on inventor?



You for the punched face, you could put a filet on it.

for the other side, you could extrude a ring, and then put a filet on either side of it.

I just tested it now, and was able to make a decent looking dimple dye (that is what they are called, right?) hole. I can’t make the exact radius as I don’t have any punched pieces in front of me, but I bet you can handle it.

You could extrude with a taper and do a rectangular pattern if you have to make many of them.

Thanks for all the help. I’ll try that tomorrow (when I have the software available to me) and tell if I could do it

Good suggestions if you want it to be symmetrical. However, it appears to me that they are slightly offset.:wink: For this effect I would use a loft. I will agree with the others, though, in saying that the tapered extrusion will work just fine.

If you know the angle of the punch, the “hole” feature with a countersink would work. If you only know the two diameters of the holes, loft would be fine, as would a revolve that cuts (but that involves sketching off of an odd location).

If you are going to go to that much effort there is still one alternative. Just extrude and then chamfer.

I think in the sheet metal feature, there is a “Punch” feature. Try that as well.

The loft worked better than perfectly! Thanks

I made 2 sketches and connected the two together with loft and it worked!
I’ll be done making all the holes by tomorrow.

The Hole tool with countersink is the best option. You don’t even need any sketches, so it’s fast and simplest to process.

Though it needs less complicated sketches, it still needs them. Otherwise it does not know where to put the hole.:rolleyes:

The Hole tool allows you to define the location of the hole by inputting the distances between the hole center and surface edges. I don’t remember what the option is called, but the Hole dialog box has a drop down menu to choose how the hole location is defined.

That is interesting, I will check into that. I have yet to hear about that ability. How many years have you been learning Inventor?

You can just use the hole tool and make it a counter sink.
the easy way

I started Inventor 2 years ago, in 9th grade. But don’t think it takes that long to learn Inventor at an advanced level–I’d say that I learned 90% of my Inventor knowledge in only a few months, when I really looked through the manuals that came with the program, and followed some of Sean Dotson’s and J. D. Mather’s tutorials.

I’ve been using it for about 5 weeks

This is my third year using Inventor however I have only been using it to this extent recently.

i know u probibly already got ur answer but i would just sketch the holes on the metal plate and just freakin hole um out. easy peasy lemon sneasy!