purchase motor controller

I was a member of FIRST when I was in high school but now I am in college and studying electrical and computer engineering. I am working on an independent project and was wondering if any team had any old and outdated victor motor controllers that they would be willing to sell me for a reasonable price. I can provide any other information and am willing to send money to the team via paypal. I am unsure if this kind of posting is allowed and I apologize if it is not but if anyone can help please let me know.
thank you

You do know you can get them from IFI right?

http://www.ifirobotics.com/ (Upper righthand box)

i would prefer it used. maybe if a old team 5 or so years had some that they no longer use at all would be willing to sell for much cheaper since they are just collecting dust

i unno if you need victors specifically but for rc speed controllers cheap ones sell REALLY cheap used. like $10 for an old lrp runner, and then like $50 for topend but a bit outdated models. got my SR for $50 2 years ago.
i should mention rctech.net has a wonderful for sale column

Here’s a really simple one that is cheap and kind of fun to make: http://www.dprg.org/tutorials/2005-11a/

Might I recommend the wonderful CD-Swap ?

please let me know if any team is willing to help me out

Like Matt Krass said, your best bet is probably CD-Swap.