Purchase/Trade for Large Kit Wheels

We are in need of at least two more of the large 12.5" Skyway wheels included in the kit. Is anyone looking to unload these? We can arrange something special for you in return (like parts or money - we’ll negotiate) if your looking to get rid of your wheels. Send me a PM.

Consider this offer open until Wednesday, January 21.


You can buy these for about $18.00 per wheel @ skywheels. That’s what we did.

MechaJag, what about the hub? Was it keywayed like those in the kit? I thought the hubs were re-manufactured for FIRST.

The wheels in the kit come with a key already broached. Not sure about additonal ones ordered from Skyway. Guess you have to call them at 1-800-332-3357 and find out. They said they will not take e-mail orders for these wheels.