purchasing buying the 2009 NI cRIO control system

I know I have seen the info here on CD. I have searched for and cannot find it. Forgive the question that has already been answered (I tried to make my title search-able)

Where can I find info on buying a second cRIO? I found most of the stuff available at Andymark, and I assume that I buy the cRIO directly from NI. I think it costs about $750. But I can’t seem to find a link to a web page that tells me this. Can anyone help?

Also, can teams get a discounted price for the other items? like the Jaguars, the Axis camera, the joysticks, the gaming adapter, or the router?

EDIT: I found the discounted Jaguars at Digi-Key. STill looking for the rest.



Thanks Joe!:slight_smile: (I hope this thread helps other teams looking for this information.)

One team helped already :slight_smile:


Found more stuff:

Newegg has a great price for the router, gaming adapter, and joysticks. The axis camera can be found for less at super warehouse: Hope this stuff helps!

This process is still being rolled out and there is some ambiguity that is causing me (at least) some delay in being able to process my order.

The main issue is communication between FIRST and NI regarding who is allowed to order. The problem is the wording of the announcement does not match FIRST’s terminology in the Team Information System (TIMS). I assumed (incorrectly) that the person to order should be the primary FIRST contact. It seems (from talking to the order processing people at NI) that the name that NI has is the person listed in TIMS as the shipping contact.

This is further confused since discussions tend to describe this person as the FIRST Mentor for the team.

It would be good to clarify the process so that it unambiguous who needs to present credentials to NI to allow the purchase of a backup controller for the team. The announcement should state that the controller can be purchased by the person designated as the Shipping Contact in TIMS.

I called NI at the number a few days ago and they referred me to the website at ni.com/first which referred me back to the phone number again…

Who did you talk to and how do I find them?

I called yesterday. They asked a few questions: my name, my team number, and location. I was transferred to a different department and they were ready to take my order over the phone but I needed an invoice to get a PO to pay for it. I am listed as the shipping contact and team contact though.

Hope you get through.

Much better this time. I placed our order this morning.
Thanks Norm!

Be sure to order the correct number for the kit:

  • FRC cRIO Kit (with 5 modules) Item #: 780405-01

  • FRC cRIO (**without **5 modules) Item #: 780406-01

I ordered the 780406-01 first and did not receive the modules. So I called NI and they said I ordered the wrong item and have to go through their RMA process.

The first time around I got the order in like 5 business days. I payed with a Credit Card instead of a PO.

Also if you ask to talk to Steve Howell and Tod Massey they are the sales engineers in charge of the FIRST teams.

Good Luck,