Purchasing Cheap Fuel

Does anyone know of a source for cheaper 5" plastic balls than the official fuel. ($14 for 6 balls)

We figure we won’t practice shooting with them, just intake and hopper storage testing.


(EDIT: I think I found some (( yes I looked before I asked, but then I looked more))

Be aware that normal wiffle balls do not compress and deform the same way as the official fuel does. This is likely to affect your intake. Good luck finding a cheaper substitute.

I looked at those and they aren’t 5in diameter because they’re also listed as “golf ball size” and there’s some upset reviews on amazon

Wait, make sure those aren’t five inches in circumference … I think those are about golfball size.

That’s a good point, we’ll see what the Walmart ones are like and I’ll post again next week probably

How about these? I found them from a Google search. They look slightly different from the GopherSport balls, but they’re pretty close. They are on sale right now!

Ohh, wait, wrong fuel.

Everyone be warned that we purchased a six pack of fuel-colored wiffle balls on Amazon listed as 5 inches, and they came golf ball sized. As far as shape and compressibility though, they were the exact same, just shrunk down. I believe they were Rawlings brand.

My impression is the all the Easton 5" balls are golf ball sized, they’re using the same image as the Amazon items that are golf ball sized by the same name

Yep. I just checked the description(should have checked before I posted it). The 5" title is misleading. It might be possible to make them, but I don’t think it would be worth the time and effort.

Pretty sure wiffle balls are measured in circumference, not diameter. Judging by size though, softball wiffle balls looks about the right way to go
12 for $7 Dick’s and other sporting stores probably have them more readily available for quick pickup

We got ours today and I noticed how FIRST went again with the most expensive product out there – Just like last year’s boulders (Both are Gopher products). Wonder if this is a coincidence or if FIRST has found a vendor they like. Surprised they didn’t put their logo on them this year :stuck_out_tongue:

Designing and calibrating your shooter for an unofficial ball is a mistake you don’t want to make. Unless you can 100% confirm the ones you get have the same properties as well-worn FRC game pieces I would strongly recommend against using anything but official balls.

Careful, softballs have a diameter of 3.5 - 3.8"

I’ve saw some 5" ones at Walmart today, so you could check there. I also checked online but pretty much all of the ones there are 3" or smaller.

Who knew 5" Wiffle balls were so rare…

Making sure game pieces are hard to find are Item #1 when FIRST decides on game pieces.

Yup, like everyone else, I was fooled. Maybe I’ll incorporate them into my off-season team bonding competition “LAST Robotics”.