Purdue and U of Michigan students listen up!

Alright, I’m in a little of a predicament (is that spelled right?). I’ve exasperated all the CAD resources that my school has to offer and next year I plan to head off to the local community college to take some more CAD courses. The thing is, I have the choice betweening learning Mechanical Desktop or Pro-engineer. I know that our platinum sponsor (X-Rite) has Pro-engineer and it’s pretty cool, but at $20,000 a seat I don’t think I’ll get much out of school use for it. As opposed to Mech. Desktop which I have at my school, so I can use it there.
So here’s the deal, I’m almost 100% sure that after next year I’ll be enrolling in either U of Mich or Purdue. I have no idea what CAD system they generally use. I think I heard someone say that U of M uses IDEAS, but that doesn’t help me much.
Of course even if you don’t/haven’t gone to these schools, all suggestions are welcome.

At Purdue we used alot of AutoCad and some ProE. You can also get ProDesktop Express for free from PTC or sometimes PTC gives out free seats to robot creaters (ie. Battlebots) if you display thier logo.

Thanks! That’s extremely helpful. What is ProDesktop like? is it similar to ProE?